What to do if I need an introduction for a job?

When you need to make an introduction, it is best to take paper and pencil and briefly organize our ideas regarding the work done. It is important to highlight the theme, the main objectives that guided the work, the background and references of authority that bring seriousness to the subject.

It is also necessary to point out our most relevant impressions on the subject dealt with, the scope of the work and what is expected to be achieved at a certain time.

Once we have registered this information we proceed to the assembly of the introduction itself. As you see the main requirement to make an introduction is to know the work done.

Nobody can talk about what you do not know, but if you already have time working in your study you surely have all the relevant information gathered to build the initial text, only then can you know what to put in the introduction.

An important fact to keep in mind for all types of written work is that you should keep a record of the process’s notes, the progress, what you have lacked, so it will be easier for you later to assemble the chapters and logically the introduction.

What are the best words to start an introduction

The most appropriate words to initiate an introductory text are the introductory connectors, these are words that allow to present and unite the texts among themselves, making them more coherent and closer to the reader.

Many people ignore them, but it is good to take into account that only good writers or writers know how to use their language and manage to connect ideas with each other without the need for connective use.

For those who are not well versed in scriptural art, the use of connectors is always recommended, especially to be able to link ideas without jeopardizing the readability of the text.

The best introduction connectors are:

  • Then
  • First of all
  • To start
  • Firstly
  • In the present text
  • In reference to
  • To start
  • With respect to
  • Regarding
  • As to

Beginnings of introduction. Examples:

In order to build a coherent introduction start with the aforementioned connectors, let’s see some introductory phrases that can help us:

  • Below we present our research work on…
  • To begin our research we have proposed to review…
  • First of all receive our reader a cordial greeting, in this report you will find…
  • Before starting our approach to research work it is necessary that we know, first, the reasons that led us to do it…
  • In this text we will show the relationship between…
  • Children are the future of humanity, with respect to this assumption we have developed…
  • In reference to the comments issued by the president, our work shows that…
  • As researchers we have taken on the mission of investigating the possible scope of the ketogenic diet in relation to the studies of the doctors…
  • To start our dissertation we would like to make known the theoretical constructs that make it up…