Sandwiched between the plains of the Punjab & Harayana, and the high lands of Tibet, Himachal Pradesh is easily accessible from Delhi. With its vistas of snow peaks, rugged valleys, green meadows, rich forests, meandering rivers, and friendly people, it offers Nature, culture and adventure.

Rising in tiers from the plains, various ranges rise up to elevations of more then 7000 m. The main ranges are the Shivalik, Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, Bara Bhangal and the Great Himalayan Ranges. These mountain barriers form natural boundaries between the state's separate districts.

Himachal Pradesh comprises Shimla Hills, Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul, Kulu, Kangra, and Chamba Valleys

Shimla Hills, with the capital city of Shimla, was one time summer capital of India. At an altitude of 2159 m, it is blessed with cool crisp air and superb panoramas across verdant, undulating country to the snowy peaks of the Great Himalayas. Connected by road and train to Delhi, it is the starting point for jeep safaris to the rugged interiors of Spiti and Kinnaur.

Kinnaur, lies astride the valley of the Sutlej along the old trade route to Tibet, and is dominated by the 6050 m high holy Mount Kinner Kailash, The mainly Hindu, lower Valley has breathtaking scenery, particularly along the well watered side valleys of Kalpa and Sangla. Pine forests, alpine meadows, picture postcard villages, apple orchards, and maize fields are scattered below the mighty peaks. The upper reaches, sheltered from the monsoons are more austere with rocky cliffs and glaciers. Here Buddhism has been practiced for 1000 years. Quaint villages, ancient temples and monasteries, cling to the rocky terrain under the shadow of the 6770 m high Mount Leo Pargail, whose pinnacles mark the Tibet frontier. Camping in the isolated valleys, to enjoy nature, trekking up to altitudes of over 4000 m and glimpses of local culture are the main attractions.

The beautiful Kangra Valley is approached from Pathankot in the Punjab. It lies in the lower reaches of the Beas River Valley, and is flanked on the north by the majestic snow clad Dhauladhar Range. It is intensely cultivated, and there are many tea gardens. The population is mainly Hindu. The main towns are Kangra, Palampur, Baijnath and Jogindernagar. Mcloadganj, near Dharamsala is the Headquaters of the Dalai Lama, and has a large Buddhist population - this is also the main attraction of this area. Many hamlets offer a quite retreat, and the Dhaukadhar range has many trekking trails up to elevations of 4500 m, passing through nomadic encampments, meadows and forests.

The isolated Chamba valley straddles the upper reaches of the Ravi River, and lies across the Dhauladhar Range. It is approached through Pathankot, and the hill station of Dalhousie. It is famous for its Hindu temples, and nomadic herdsmen. Trekking routes lead over the Pirpanjal Range to Lahaul and over the Dhauladhar to the Kangra Valley.

The Kulu valley, and its offshoot the Parbati Valley is in essence the upper Beas River Valley. The Pir Panjal Range to its North, the Parbati Range to its East, and the Bara Bhangal Range to its West cradle it. Described as Himachal at its most idyllic; it has cascading rivers, orchards, pretty villages with terraced fields, Hindu temples, deep pine forests, and high snow-clad ridges. Connected to the Kangra valley at the Largi Gorge near the town of Mandi, the Kulu valley extends some 80 kms to the Rohtang Pass - gateway to the dry and extreme cold mountains of Lahoul & Ladakh. Kulu and Manali are the main towns in the Valley. The valley offers a relaxing holiday, and ski opportunities in winter, There are many comfortable trekking options, as also challenging treks, over the Hampta Pass, 4330m to Lahaul, and over the Pin Parbati Pass, 5319 m to Spiti.

Crossing over the Rohtang Pass to Lahoul & Spiti, is a dramatic transition from the lush Kulu Valley to the awesome vista of bare, chocolate-coloured mountains, hanging glaciers and snowfields. This is a region of nature at its wildest. Lahaul, fed by the waters of the chandra and Bhaga rivers is a massive trough between the Pir Panjal and Great Himalayan Ranges, at an elevation of 3500 m. Surrounded by high mountains on all sides, it is inhabited by a friendly Buddhist population, engaged in agriculture. They grow seed potatoes, hops, peas, buckwheat, and barley, along with a variety of herbs. Lahaul's favorite trekking route follows the River Chandra to Baralacha-la, 5100m, via the beautiful Chandra-tal Lake with superb views of the Bara Shingri, the world's longest glacier, and the Sail massif, 6446 m. It is also the starting point for treks to Zanskar.

The Kunzam Ridge separates the Spiti Valley from Lahaul. A rugged road connects the two Valleys over the 4551 m high Kunzam Pass, and goes on to link with the upper Kinnaur Valley. The Spiti Valley, and its offshoots the Pin and Lingti Valleys, lie astride the Spiti River, and its tributaries. It stretches for a distance of 130 kms, till the Spiti river joins the Sutlej River. At an average elevation of 4500 M, it is one of the highest and remotest inhabited places on earth - a desolate, barren tract scattered with tiny whitewashed mud and timber hamlets and lonely Buddhist monasteries. Its main attractions are the awesome landscape, the 1000 years old Tabo Monastery, the 11th Century Ki Monastery at a height of 4116 m, Kibber and Gete villages - the highest hamlets at an elevation of 4270 m, and the remote Pin Valley - home of Ibex, snow leopard, and Bhural. Exploration by jeep safari is the popular mode. For the keen and hardy trekkers, trails cross over Pin Parbati pass, 5319 m to Kulu Valley and via the Bhaba pass, 4865 m to Kinnaur. Other routes lead to Ladakh over the Parang-la, 5578 m.

Gurudongma Tours & Treks present two challenging treks and one jeep safari, chosen from many options. They offer the best of Himachal. Our experienced associates, who know the land and its people, will operate these treks according to our specifications. Many moderate and easy treks are available on request.

The Grand Himachal Traverse
  • 18 days Jeep safari across Simla Hills, Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul, Kulu and Kangra Valley.
  • Maximum altitude: 4551 m.
  • Starts and terminates at Delhi.
  • Available in June-July.

Day 01: New Delhi to Kalka, in the Himalayan foothills. Travel in the evening by overnight air conditioned sleeper train.

Day 02: From Kalka continue by meter gauge train to Shimla, 2498 m. Afternoon free to explore bazaar. Overnight at hotel

Day 03: Shimla: Local tour of colonial buildings of the "Raj" including erstwhile Viceregal Lodge, state museum, and Jakhu temple. Overnight at hotel.

Day 04: Drive 176 kms to Sarhan, 2165 m in 06 hrs. Visit exotic Bhima Kali Temple - with gilt pinnacled twin wooden pagodas. Overnight at hotel.

Day 05: Drive 121 Kms to Chitkul, 3480 m in Sangla Valley in 05 hrs. Overnight in camp, located on banks of Bapsar River, on forested slopes at the foot of Mount Kinner Kailash.

Day 06: Chitkul - a free day to explore valley.

Day 07: Drive to Nako, 3662 m, in Upper Kinnaur. 176 kms in 06 hrs. Visit eleventh-century Buddhist Gumpa. Overnight at Guest house or in camp.

Day 08: Entering Spiti Valley, drive to Tabo, 3050 m. 72 kms in 03 hrs. Visit Monastery established in 996 AD. Overnight at Guest house or in camp.

Day 09: Drive to Losar - a picturesque hamlet at 4076 m, with grand view s. 118 Kms in 08 hrs. Enroute visit Dankar Gumpa, 3890 m, and Ki Monastery, 4116 m. Overnight in camp.

Day 10: Drive across 4551 m high Kunzum-la to Keylong, 3350 m in Lahaul Valley. 130 kms in 06 hrs. Overnight at Guest House.

Day 11: Keylong - Explore Keylong, and visit Khardong Gompa. Overnight at Guest House.

Day 12: Drive across Rohtang Pass, 3990 m to Manali, 2050 m, in Kullu Valley. 115 kms in 05 hrs. Overnight at hotel.

Day 13: Manali: relax and explore surroundings. Overnight at hotel.

Day 14: Drive to Palampur, 1500 m in the Kangra Valley via Kulu and Mandi. 200 kms in 08 hrs. Overnight at guest house or hotel.

Day 15: Palampur - a day to relax and explore a tea estate, and visit Chamunda Devi Temple.

Day 16: Drive 40 kms to Mcloadgunj in 02 hrs. Visit monasteries, and Dalai Lama's residence. Overnight at hotel.

Day 17: Drive 220 kms to Amritsar in 06 hrs. Visit golden Temple and bazaars. Overnight at hotel.

Day 18: By train to Delhi in 06 hrs. Tour ends

  • Stay in first class hotels on full board
  • Drive in all weather non air conditioned jeeps/cars shared by 3-4 pax, for transfers, sightseeing and safari.
  • All baggage and camping arrangements, except sleeping bags and personal kit.
  • English speaking escort /guide.
  • For train journeys travel by air conditioned coaches providing sleepers at night.

The Pin Parbati pass Trek : Kulu Valley to Spiti

18 days Trek tour with 11 days trekking upto 5319 M

  • Drive from Delhi to Kulu via Nalagarh Fort over 02 days along sutlej and Beas River valleys
  • Drive to Manikaran - the trail head for the trek.
  • 11 days strenuous trekking across the snow covered Pin Parbati Pass - forests, meadows, waterfalls, wild flowers, quaint villages, cliffs and gorges, and breathtaking views from the watershed between Kulu and Spiti.
  • 01 day in Spiti Valley visiting Kaza and Ki Monastery
  • 01 day driving through Lahaul Valley
  • 01 day exploring Manali
  • Fly back from Kulu.
  • Next Trek tour:

Day 01: Drive from Delhi to Nalagarh in the Himalayan foothills. 05 hrs. Overnight at Nalagarh Fort Heritage Hotel, built in 1420.

Day 02: Drive along scenic sutlej and Beas River valleys to Kulu in 08 hrs. Overnight at hotel

Day 03: Morning free to explore. Afternoon short drive along Parbati Valley to Manikaran. You may visit Hindu and Sikh shrines, and bathe in the hot springs. Overnight in camp.

Day 04: Trek through villages, temples and forests to Pulga. Overnight in camp, 2100 m.

Day 05: Trek through lovely forests and past waterfalls to the Khir Ganga meadow full of wild flowers. Overnight in camp, 2960 m.

Day 06-07: Trek for two days out of the river gorge, to upland meadows with wild flowers, and views of waterfalls to Thakur Khan, for first view of snows around Pin Parbati Pass. Overnights in camp, 3700 m.

Day 08: Trek to Mantalai Lake, just below the snout of the parbati glacier. Walk past shepherd encampments, and grazing meadows. Overnight in camp, 4116 m

Day 09: Trek to 200 meters below Pin Parbati Pass. Breathtaking views of Parbati river emerging from glacier, Pyramid Peak, 6036 m, and snow Peak, 5640 m. steep climb over boulders, and high meadows. Overnight in High Camp, 5100 m.

Day 10: Trek across the Pin Parbati Pass 5319 m, into the Pin Valley just across the pass. Steep ascent, over large boulders, and snow fields to the stark and barren Pin Valley in Spiti. Cross turbulent streams, whilst descending steeply over boulders to the snout of the Pin glacier. Overnight in camp, 4900 m.

Day 11: Continue descent over boulders and scree. For 6-7 hrs. Overnight in camp.

Day 12: Steep descent, to reack the high grazing meadows of Ghurguru, 4200 m, in the Upper Pin Valley, and opposite the lonely village of Mud. Overnight in camp.

Day 13-14: Continue trekking downhill for two days to reach the road head at Gulling, . Overnight in camp, 3500 m.

Day 15: Drive 35 kms to Kaza. Take a detour of 14 kms to visit the Ki Monastery, 4116 m. Continue drive towards Lahaul Valley for 55 kms to Losar - a picturesque village with panoramic views of a dozen peaks above 6000 m. Overnight in camp, 4079 m.

Day 16: Drive 156 Kms in 10 hrs over Kunzum-la 4551 m, through Lahaul Valley, and over Rohtang pass, 3990 m to Manali, 2050 m. Overnight at hotel.

Day 17: Manali. Relax and explore. Overnight at hotel.

Day 18: Transfer to Kulu airport. Fly out to Delhi. Tour ends.

  • Stay in first class hotels, and in tents on full board
  • Drive in all weather non air conditioned jeeps/cars shared by 3-4 pax, for transfers, sightseeing and overland.
  • All trekking, baggage and camping arrangements, except sleeping bags and personal kit.
  • English speaking escort /guide.
  • Air travel by economy class.

The Manali to Baralacha-la trek, across Hampta pass
Includes Kangra , Kulu and Ladakh

21 days trek tour with 09 days trekking, upto 4830 m

  • By train to Amritsar, in the Punjab for 01 day to visit the Golden Temple.
  • Drive to Dharamsala in Kangra Valley for 02 days, to explore Buddhist monasteries and institutions around the Dalai Lama's Headquarters.
  • Drive to Palampur for 02 days exploration of tea gardens and temples
  • Drive to Kulu Valley for 02 days at Manali
  • 09 days trekking . From Manali cross over to Lahaul Valley via the Hampta Pass, 4330 m, along the traditional trade route to Lahaul. Continue to the Baralacha-la 4892 m. Forests, meadows, Alpine lakes, rivers, and stunning views of the worlds longest glacier - Bara Shigri , and the forbidding north face of the White Sail massif, 6446 m.
  • 01 day to drive to Leh, in the Indus Valley across the 5360 m high Tanglang-la.
  • 03 days exploring Leh and the Indus Valley in Ladakh.
  • Fly back to Delhi from Leh.
  • Next Trek tour:

Day 01: New Delhi to Amritsar by train. In the afternoon visit Golden Temple and bazars. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02: Drive 220 kms to Dharamsala/ Mcloadgunj in 05 hrs. Afternoon free to explore. Overnight at hotel. Room only plan.

Day 03: Dharamsala/Mcloadganj - visit Dalai Lama's residence, monastery and craft center. Overnight at hotel.

Day 04: Drive to Palampur. 45 kms in 02 hrs. Enroute visit Norbulingka Tibetan cultural center. Overnight at hotel.

Day 05: Palampur - Visit tea estate and factory and Chamunda Devi Temple. Overnight at hotel.

Day 06: Drive to Manali via Mandi and Kulu. 200 kms in 08 hrs. Overnight at hotel.

Day 07: A day to explore Manali, 2050 m. Overnight at hotel.

Day 08: Short drive to Prini, Trek 4-5 hrs through verdant forests, passing through Hampta village to the Sethen meadow, 2700 m. Overnight in camp.

Day 09: Trek to Chikka, high meadow at 3300 m, in 5-6 hrs through lovely Forests and flora. Overnight in camp.

Day 10: Chikka - acclimitization day. Short side trek. Overnight in camp.

Day 11: Trek via the Hampta pass, 4268 m to Chatru in Lahaul . Gruelling climb followed by sharp descent to 3560 m in 7-8 hrs. Sublime views. Lush green Kulu Valley with Deo Tibba, 6001 m, and Indersan, 6220 m, just south of the pass. Towards the North view of the endless moonscape of Lahaul. Overnight in camp.

Day 12: Drive 24 kms to Batal, 3960 m. Trek to Chandra Tal - the moon lake, at 4270 m. 7-8 hrs hard climb - but stunning views of the world's longest glacier, Bara shigri, and the awesome North face of the 6446 m high White Sail Massif. Overnight in camp.

Day 13: Chandra Tal - a day to acclimatize. Short side treks. Overnight in camp.

Day 14: Trek to Topko Gongma torrent at 4320 m. 5-6 hrs. Overnight in camp.

Day 15: Trek to Topko Yongma torrent at 4640 m. 5-6 hrs. Overnight in camp.

Day 16: Trek to Baralacha-la, 4830 m. 5-6 hrs. transfer to jeep and drive 32 kms along the highway to Sarchu, 4253 m. Overnight in camp.

Day 17: Drive to Leh 251 kms. 9-10 hrs The road crosses the Lachalang-la, 5065 m, with its incredible spine tingling 21 hair-pin bends, the Pang gorges, the More plains, 4703 m, and the 5360 m high Tanglang-la to descend into the Indus Valley at Upshi, 3384 m. Overnight at hotel.

Day 18: Leh - sightseeing around Leh. Hemis, Thiksey, Shey Gompas, and Stok Gompa & museum. Overnight at hotel.

Day 19: Drive to Alchi. Enroute river rafting in Indus. Overnight in hotel.

Day 20: Visit Alchi Monastery. Drive back to Leh, visiting Lakhir Monastery on the way. Overnight in hotel.

Day 21: Fly back to Delhi. Tour ends.

  • Stay in first class hotels, and in tents on full board
  • Drive in all weather non air conditioned jeeps/cars shared by 3-4 pax, for transfers, sightseeing and overland.
  • All trekking, baggage and camping arrangements, except sleeping bags and personal kit.
  • English speaking escort /guide.
  • Air travel by economy class.
  • Rail travel by air conditioned deluxe train

For all tours

  • Detailed itineraries and Prices on request
  • Tailor-made tours & treks also available, to fit yourfitness level and time.
  • Reception, local tours, and send off arrangements at Delhi on request.
  • Add -on tours to Taj Mahal and Rajasthan on request.

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