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Nagaland is a land of picture post card landscapes, lush and verdant flora, peopled by 15Nagaland Map major tribes, who have hundreds of years of tradition as warriors and headhunters. Christian missionaries were able to convert almost the entire population to Christianity, from the earlier animist practices. Considered remote, and full of hazards, it is now easily accessible. The Nagas are a fun loving and deeply religious people, having a tradition of handicrafts, folklore, dances and music. Here traditional folk songs, eulogizing ancestors, and brave deeds, poetic love songs, gospel songs and modern pop tunes go hand in hand. For a people known to be headhunters Nagaland Mountain Panoramain the past, they are remarkably warm hearted and hospitable. The salubrious climate, is an added attraction, for a year round holiday, except perhaps for the monsoons. The Nagaland is fast modernizing - but the Nagas still retain their tribal culture and values. However do not expect to see people in the tribal costumes, as shown on this web site in every day life. These fabulous costumes are worn on festivals and other special occasions.


Nagaland is reached by road from Guwahati, Shillong, Jorhart, or Kaziranga or directly by air to Dimapur airport. The rail head is a Mariani.

Nagaland Dzukou Valley



Kohima capital city- a peep into Naga traditions and culture

Reached by a 74 kms road journey from Dimapur Airport, itTop is located at an altitude of 1444 meters. Kohima is the headquarters of 15 major tribes, with amazing diversity in dress, Customs, language and traditions. Main attractions are: -



  • State Museum is a "must see" for an over view of tribal lifestyles

  • War Cemetery is a symbolic memorial to the sacrifices made by soldiers from many nations who halted the Japanese invasion of India at Kohima in the Second World War.

  • Gurttel Handloom and Handicraft outlet has a fine collection of saleable tribal shawls, hand bags, wood carvings, sarongs, cane and bamboo handicrafts, and ready wear garments of traditional weaves designed for modern taste

  • Kewkima Village is an admixture of past and present

  • Kohima Cathedral reflects traditional architectural style in a modern building set inRed Orchids nature

  • Zoological Park houses the rare Blyth's Trogopan, and other fauna.

Japfu Mountain Range –Pastoral paradise
The range of mountains on which Kohima is located offers opportunities to explore the lovely mountain countryside of Nagaland and its traditional villages.

  • Khonoma Village located close to Kohima, offer an opportunity to see local lifestyles and meet people

  • Japfu Peak rising to 3048 m is only 15 kms from Kohima and offers trekking option with panoramic views

  • Dzokou Valley at elevation of 2483 m, located 30 kms from Kohima, offers unadulterated nature. Easy trek to see dwarf bamboos, mountain streams, wild flowers, Rhododendrons, and other flora.

  • Dzulekie Valley located 40 Kms from Kohima at elevation of 2133 m has a river flowing through deep gorge, with rainbow trout. It is surrounded by green hills, waterfalls, and grazing domesticated bison.

  • Touphema Angami tribal Tourist Village; set up to enable tourist to live in ethnic huts with modern facilities, with a chance to explore surrounding Angami villages

Nagaland modern Ao girlWokha and Mokukchung Ao and Lotha tribes
Reached by a 80 Kms roar journey from Kohima, Wokha is at the hub of the habitat of the Lotha tribe. It can also be approached from Jorhat airport in Assam. The picture post card, hill top villages are worth exploring.  

·        Mokokchung  town is located 162 Kms from Kohima It can also be reached from Jorhat airport in Assam. This town is the cultural hub of  the Ao tribe. Main attractions are the villages located close by . These are:-

·        Longkhum Village: renowned for its head hunters in the past is just 17 kms away

·        Ungma Village is a centuries old Ao tribal Village worth visiting for peep in to folklore, customs and traditions

·        Mopungchukit and Impur villages, which are attempting to revive ancient Ao culture, under the leadeship of the  Baptist Mission Center,


Nagaland Sema Girls in traditional dressSema Nagas at Zunabotu
Located 150 kms from Kohima and 70 Kms from Mokokchung, Zonubotu is the home of the Semas- the martial tribe with ceremonial war costumes.

Satoi Range with its virgin forests, and Rhododendrons isTop ideal for camping and trekking.

Ghosu bird sanctuary is an example of community preservation. Maintained by the village community. The sanctuary is home to 20 species of endangered birds and migratory birds.

Nagaland handicraft

Tuensang – Changs, Yimchungers, Khiamungans, Sangtams, Sema and Phom tribes
Located 269 Kms from Kohima the tribes of this area have a rich cultural heritage, colourful attire and heart warming song and dance. Saramati Peak, 3841 meters- the highest peak of Nagaland is located in the district. .Two days of trekking from Pungro village is required to reach the peak. Longtrok village offers lovely panoramic views.


Phek & Pfotsero-Chakasang habitat 

145 Kms for Kohima, Phek is the center of Chakasang culture. Home of colourful orchids and the rare Blythe’s Tragopan, Pfutsero, is coldest township in Nagaland located at 2133 meters elevation. Grows apples. Believed to be the originating place for the southern tribes.

Nagaland Konyak Festival

Mon – home of the Konyaks
Located 357 Kms from Kohima it is better approached from Dibrugarh in Assam. Konyaks are distinctive with tattooed faces, feathered head gear and traditional dresses. The tribals are adept artisans and skilled craftsmen. Wood carvings, machetes called daos, guns, gun powder, heir brushes, necklaces and more.

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