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Rohetgarh Palace

An un-forgetable escapades awaits your pleasure at Rohetgarh. Located just 40 kms from the nearest airport at Jodhpur, it lies on the main highway from Jodhpur to Udaipur and on the way to the famed Ranakpur temples, and Kumbhalgarh Fort. 

Bedroom Rohet - the fortified desert home of the descedants of the 16th century Rathore of the Champawat clan, Thakur Dalpat Singh I. The "Jagir" (Fieldom) of Rohet was bestowed upon him as a mark of appreciation for his bravery in battle. Generations of valiant noble-men have built this heritage home where, notwithstanding the in-roads of modernity, aristocratic values are respected. The visitor of today experiences the famed warmth of courteous Rajput hospitality. Rare among hotels it has remained a family home, where the members of the erstwhile ruling family welcome you personally as their honoured guest. 

Its elegantly appointed rooms have their own individual character and furnishings. Most of them are air-conditioned and have attached bathrooms and modern facilities. The main lounge has ornately carved wooden ceiling, traditional lamps and old photographs. You can relax in the spacious verndah lounges decorated with historic trophies and artefacts. Outside where the bougainvilleas bloom, you will see brilliantly plumed peacocks strut about, perching themselves under finely carved stone archways. Within these time weathered walls you will find an oasis of landscaped gardens and flowers in bloom - a perfect escapade for you and your loved one. 

Rohetgarh Pool There is a beautifully designed swimming pool with four charming pavilions at each corner where musicians perform in the evenings as dinner is served by the poolside. Often, folk dancers enliven the evenings with their vibrant hues and vigorous rhythms. 

The unique local tour, offered to guests enables you to peep into local culture and traditions. Capitalizing upon the host family's special bond with different communities among the local people which goes back several generations, you are taken into homes and received with warmth and affection. You can interact with various communities living in the area and share and understand their worlds. Meet the Bhishnois, protectors of nature for five centuries and arguably the world's first ecologists, responsible for the survival of species such as the black-buck antelope. The semi-nomadic "Raika" shepherds of Marwar whose brilliant crimson and marigold costumes would put modern designers to shame, as also the "Paliwals" and the "Meghwals", the farmers and weavers are all there for you to meet. You also get a chance to witness traditional folk ceremonies signifying friendship and brotherhood and see village artisans at work creating leather articles, pottery and woven handicrafts

Besides being home to three species of antelelope - the Chinkara, the blue bull and the black-buck, Rohet is also a haven for bird watchers with up to two hundred domestic and migratory species. 

You can also experience a camel safari, or a and jeep safaris. Horse riding is available and you may take a horse safari to explore the countryside for one to five days duration. Top


The Aodhi Hotel Kumbhalgarh 

Kumbhalgarh, is an massive 15th century fort, perched at 1100 meters up on the Aravali Range. It is set amid seven massive ramparts and surrounded by hundreds of temples. It was built by one of Mewar's legendary heroes - Rana Kumbha, . The very size of the Fort needs to be seen to be believed. Its walls are 36 kms long, and enclose many palaces, temples and gardens. Located close to the fort, 84 Kms from the nearest airport at Udhaipur, the hotel is also reached from Jaipur, and Jodhpur. The Aodhi hotel has a picturesquely setting, not far from this citadel. The resort a promises a delightful sojourn from workaday tribulations. 

We discovered the Aodhi to be a lovely escapade in the midst of serene and calm countryside of the Aravali Range. It was a refreshing change from the splendid forts and Palaces. The hotel replicates a small village on the side of the hill . Every care has been taken to ensure harmony between the buildings and the environment. As a result the buildings blend completely into the landscape. The location is steeped in history and abounding in wildlife. Unspoiled nature harmonizes with modern comforts.

Aodhi Kumbhalgarh Room We enjoyed the warm hospitality and the ambiance of the hotel You can do just that and relax at Aodhi. It is also an ideal base to explore the Kumbhalgarh fort, take a trip to the nearby wildlife sanctuary, and visit the "must see" Ranakpur Jain temples. These temples date back to 1439. The superbly crafted marble, Chaumukha temple has 29 halls supported by 1444 pillars – no two are alike1 You can also take a jeep safari to peep into the lifestyles of the local tribes - Bhil & Garasia, and enjoy their dance and musical traditions. For the active horse safaris are also available.


Deogarh Castle

Rajasthan Deogarh Palace

This is a wonderful escapade where you can stay in a magnificent palace fortress and enjoy royal hospitality. Deogarh lies at the heart of Rajasthan. It is 135 kms from Udaipur, 170 Kms from Jodhpur and 280 Kms from Jaipur . Its chieftain known as 'The Rawat' was one of sixteen "umraos" (feudal barons) privileged to wait upon the Maharana of Udaipur. The palacel stands atop a hill at an unusual for Rajasthan,elevation of 2100 feet, and offers a commanding view of the Aravalli mountain range and the numerous lakes, strewn across the countryside. With its graying battlements, domes, turrets, " jharokhas" and huge gateways, it is a picturesque sight from the town below. Built in 1670 A.D. by Rawat Dwarka Dasji as a family residence, it soon became the hub of village activity. The family interacted with the villagers and invited a host of feasts and festivities to be performed within the palacel precincts. Some of these traditions are still practiced With five floors, over two hundred rooms, numerous balconies with carved pillars and extensive use of marble the palace is really an imposing monument. It also has some exciting rooms to explore - "Sheesh Mahal" - the colourful hall of mirrors, is just one of them!

Deogarh is also renowned as a school of miniature painting. Some Deogarh miniatures adorn the personal collection of the present Rawat. Frescoes of this art form can also be seen on the fort walls. . Several rooms are decorated with murals done by local painters after whom the Deogarh School of painting has acquired fame the world over. 

Deogarh Mahal was converted into a hotel only recently. The family is closely associated with the hotel and occupies a wing. personal supervision and interaction enables traditional hospitality. .

The hotel has Royal suites, Deluxe suites and Deluxe rooms. Deogarh Room Each room is comfortably elegant, with attached bathrooms fitted with modern amenities. All restorations and alterations to the Mahal were carried out, bearing in mind the old architectural style of the building. Every room is reflective of a different era - Ranjit Prakash room dates back to 1670 AD, and the decor reflects the Rajput era. With its domed ceiling, and airy terraces the palace provide a splendid view of the ranges and lakes as one sun-bathes, reads or watches the sun set.

The dining room serves meals cooked from home grown fruits and vegetables. In-house milk products and oils provide a delectable and distinct freshness. You can also flavor typical Mewari cuisine served with traditional hospitality. Deogarh Pool Bhil dances accompanied by the local folk singers often make the evenings lively and entertaining.

A swimming pool and a heated Jacuzzi make for a relaxed holiday.

Deogarh is ideal to relax and unwind. But You can also explore the surrounding areas in jeeps, take a horse ride or even a local train ride to explore the rurul areas. 

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