Rajasthan Devigarh
Rajasthan - 
the land of kings; is India at its exotic best It is one of India's prime destinations. It offers the traveler rare visual, culinary, spiritual, and cultural experiences. 

The state is diagonally divided into the hilly and rugged south –eastern Region, and the barren north-western desert of the Thar. There are also vast forests, lakes and wet-lands. 

Rajasthan is a magical land with desolate stretches of the desert and verdant hills of the Aravalli Mountains. A land so steeped in culture and natural beauty, that it is actually living history. Home to the Rajputs – a group of warrior clans, brought up in traditions of chivalry, honour, pride and independence, for over 1000 years. The story of its history and culture – endless conflicts and patronage of dance, music and art, is alive today in its massive battle scarred forts, its palaces of breathtaking grandeur and whimsical charm, its lovely temples , bustling bazaars, hand-painted "havelis", a vibrant culture, and a courteous people. 

The cities still retain a medieval charm. The timeless traditions maintained in the arts and crafts, colourful markets and of course its people. People in their multi hued clothes and a warm welcoming smile are truly representative of the traditional Rajasthan welcome to all visitors. 

Located close to Rajasthan, is the immortal Taj Mahal, and the erotic temples of Khajuraho . This makes it possible to include these "must see" destinations with a tour of Rajasthan. 

Our Rajasthan escapades, and journeys offers the best of Rajasthan – Palaces, Forts and "Havelis", along with Elephant rides, tigers, wildlife, and birdlife. There is also opportunity to take a desert camel safari, and horse safari, . We also have tours which include the Taj Mahal, erotic temples og Khajuraho and Varanasi ghats.

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