Tips of essay writing

How to make an introduction to a novel

The introduction of a novel is also presented as a part of the novel itself, it is not a separate section.

As a general rule in a novel the introduction is presented in the first chapter, among the first paragraphs, they describe the initial situation that will lead the plot. The main characters also make their first appearance.

Some novels present temporary jumps throughout history so they can even start with the final paragraph. Authors such as GarcĂ­a Marques often use this resource to catch the reader’s attention even faster.

How to make the introduction of a history book

When it comes to presenting a book whose central theme is the history of a region or country, or even specific cultural context, the ideal is not to make it very extensive. It is enough to describe in it the most outstanding content that will cover the book, the most important characters to be studied and their influence on a specific event.

It is necessary, because it is already an event, that the introduction be included from a position that allows the reader to see the reason for the book, for example, is that historical compilation made to reveal events that other historians have not counted? Do you have new information about it? Is there a new vision of approach to the events that took place?

This is always important to highlight in the introduction because when it comes to a history book you should always be as faithful to the data and little space is left to clarify these points in the development of the content.

How to make an introduction to a book of stories and fables

The compendiums of stories and fables should be presented in a way that encourages the reader, in this case the children, to read the book. Here you should avoid telling what happens in the stories or you will miss the thrill of your discovery.

You can start by making a simple presentation that mentions some of the stories and some of the characters, say for example that “they will live incredible adventures” and leave the rest to the imagination of the child.

What is the introduction of a written work?

All written work requires an introductory presentation, it must be located at the beginning of the work and should highlight the components of the work.

It is not necessary to make a deep argument or justify the completion of the work. Simply describing the theme and the most important content of the work is sufficient.

The introduction of a written work is, then, that initial text in which the content to be developed in the work is explained.

How to make an introduction sheet

The introduction page is in itself the page in which the introductory writing of a work is presented. This is done by placing the word “Introduction” as a subtitle centered at the top of the page and then in the body text we proceed to describe the origin of the work, the content and what we aspire to achieve with it.

It is important to place each descriptive statement of the content of the work in an independent paragraph, this gives organization to the text and improves the understanding of the reader and therefore their interest.